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Who We Are

Smart Organic is a registerd and recognized leader in urban farming. There are various ways of urban farming vertical farming, kitchen garden, off-city farming etc. and many more other diffrent agriculture technoglogies for example hydrophonics.

We are on the mission to double the income of indian farmer, make every indian a farmer and go for organic life style. Organic farming is one that benefits the farmers, farm animals, consumers, as well as the environment.

What We Do

We enable every indian to make use of the resources at their disposal to help them earn a steady income and improve their standard of living. These resources include land,water, animal, vegetation and man power. We wish to see farmers the way they farm and turning it into an opportunity for steady wealth creation.


Smart Organic works with people to set up Organic Farms that are owned and looked after by them. You can start it by your own ideas of organic farming in the house by implementing a set. You can use various ideas of In-house Agri-Technology such as vertical farming, trolley framing, aqua phonic hydrophonics etc. to make our India green and live a organic life style.

Caring for the pet animals is also a good way of saving our animals and express our love to them. Pet animal such as dog, cats,rabbits, turtle etc. is a good way of taking care of animals and saving animals.

Why We?

We are the one who ia on the mission of making every Indian a farmer and to double the income of Indian farmers.We aim to help derive the right value for organic produce. We wish to see villages emerge as economically independent and vibrant communities.



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Crystal Hospital Building,
Maratha Colony, Wamanrao Sawant Road, Dahisar (East), Mumbai-400068, India.


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